CCTV Investigations for Blocked Drains or Drain Repair

If you’re in need of drain repairs, then choose us at Flo-Rite Drainage Ltd. Our qualified and experienced team will be able to investigate your pipes and fix the problem – all while keeping you informed about your options and providing you with a quote on the final price.

When you choose us to fix any problems that you might be having with your drains, we will investigate your drains with a specially designed camera inserted into the drain to find the exact location of the problem. We have the latest technology which will help us to find the exact location of any and all faults while causing no damage to your property.

Before we go and dig up any pipes, we will conduct a CCTV drain survey. We do, as it helps us to determine the problem quickly and cheaply. It helps to quickly identify all cracks, misaligned pipe sections, root infiltrations and other problems. We precede our CCTV investigation by water blasting the drain making it easier to identify all cracks. If required, we provide CCTV footage as well as providing a quote for repair. We use a Navitrack Scout to locate defects. The Navitrack locates the position and depth of our camera head. This helps to minimise disruption to your property by allowing us to dig down on the exact spot and repair the damage with minimal impact to your property.

Flo-Rite Drainage Pre-Purchase Inspections

We know how much of an investment purchasing a new property is and how vital it is to ensure that the property has no underlying damage which could affect property value. We can conduct pre-purchase inspections for our clients ensuring that there are no unwanted surprises or expensive drainage repairs later on. We believe this is particularly important if the property has earthenware pipes, as in our professional experience has shown, all earthenware pipes in Christchurch are damaged to an extent. A pre-purchase inspection will ensure peace of mind that your drains are clear and free from damage. If any problems are detected, we may be able to negotiate the cost of repairs with the vendor.

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Why CCTV a drain?

There are numerous reasons that a CCTV investigation may be required for your drains such as:

  • Identifying cracks, misaligned joins, root infiltration, and other problems
  • Identifying the cause of a blockage
  • Insurance claims
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pipe locating
  • Investigating structural integrity prior to any building/pathway or driveway works

CCTV Investigation Reporting

After we finish our CCTV inspection of your drains, we will provide you a written report to council standards consisting of the footage, damage plan, typed report and quote for repair and replacement, helping you to make an informed decision about how you should proceed.

Pipe Locators

We use a Navitrack Scout locator to help us to determine the exact position of your drains. Through the use of our locator, we can determine the exact location and depth of your drains. This helps to minimise any disruption or damage to your property and is extremely useful when conducting building works.

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