Flo-Rite Drainage Ltd Hydroblasting Blocked Drains

Our high powered hydroblast unit can clean deposits that have built up in your pipes and get your drains flowing again. We recommend following up any hydroblasting of a blocked drain with a CCTV investigation to identify the cause of the blockage.

Some drains are unable to be unblocked using the hydroblasting method and require an alternative repair strategy.

Root Infiltration

Root infiltration is a major cause of damage of underground drains. Drains with severe root infiltration require our specialised root cutter to clear. This is a common problem as drains provide an ideal place for plants to find nutrients. Roots will grow through cracks and loose joints. Once inside, the roots will continue to grow – trapping further debris and eventually causing blockage which makes the problem much worse – eventually resulting in total collapse or blockage of the pipe.

Blocked drains

Drains can block for various reasons including tree roots, broken or fractured pipes, no regular servicing, fats, oils, grease, grit and foreign items. It is important that you address the problem before it becomes a major issue. Signs you may have a blocked drain include:

  • Slow flowing drains
  • Gurgling noises from the toilet, sink, bath or shower
  • Rising water in the toilet bowl after flushing
  • Overflowing gullies
  • Bad and unusual smells

If there has been a blockage in the lateral drains outside of your property, then we will require council authorisation to clear it.

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