Tank Installations

Septic and Water Tank Installation

If you require water and septic tank installation on your property, then look no further than Flo-Rite Drainage Ltd. Not only do we install and repair drains, we also have a range of water and septic tanks available for our valued clients to choose from. We know how important it is to have a septic tank that is reliable and won’t suddenly leak its foul contents everywhere, so we only supply the best septic tanks from well-known and trustworthy brands. Along with our septic tanks, we also supply high-quality water tanks so you can store fresh, clean and healthy rainwater for use all year round.

Septic Tanks

At Flo-Rite Drainage Ltd, we supply and install septic tanks. All of the septic tanks that we supply conform to Ecan/Local Council and engineers requirements. Our clients can be assured that all of our septic tanks are sourced from quality manufacturers as well as being great value for money. We are partnered with Design Engineers and we are able to create a custom designed septic tank for you.

Water Tanks

We supply a great range of water tanks for you to choose from. All of the water tanks we supply to you are sourced from manufacturers with a reputation of creating water tanks that are durable and great quality – offering you peace of mind and value for money. If you want to enjoy fresh, clean rainwater all year round while saving you money on your water bill, then a water tank is a great investment for you.
Contact us today at Flo-Rite Drainage Ltd. We install water tanks as well as drain laying services. Call 03 331 8485.

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